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“Iset” tower

Iset tower is a 52-floor building, located in Ekaterinburg, Russia. The construction of the tower lasted 8 years (from 2008 till 2016). The building has a predominantly residential purpose with the possibility of placing a number of offices on the lower floors.

There were a number of tasks for SODIS Lab. First, to install the facility with the monitoring systems for both structural health (SHM) and the building equipment monitoring. Furthermore, the monitoring systems were supposed to be used during the construction as well as while in operation.

To complete the task SODIS Lab has used SODIS Building M software complex, where all the monitoring processes (data collection, data analysis, transferring of the data) are based on a BIM model of the structures that are under monitoring.

Another task was to design the antiterrorist and security systems. The mentioned means a set of technical tools, software and staff action procedures designed as one system for the antiterrorist protection of the facility.

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1 April 2011

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