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The electronic construction system is capable of providing end-to-end information management about the building in the capital construction sector at all stages of the life cycle. You will be able to control each and every element of the construction, which is connected with all processes , tasks, documents and goals of the company.

System of electronic construction will turn construction into the automized conveyor with the ability to provide full information about the day-to-day tasks, the week-to-week tasks, as well as the full control over the task performance, there execution and generation of all necessary documents in the end.

The Result of the implementation of the electronic construction system:

  • transparency of the construction online,
  • significant reduction in communication costs,
  • reduction in the risks of the information loss,
  • reduction of the time that required for the approval of the documentation or any changes in the construction process,
  • ability to create maintenance information system during the construction process.

Key abilities:

  • Electronic control over the work schedule
  • Online calculation of the cost of work, that has been performed
  • Storage and centralized access to construction documentation, blueprints, models
  • Automatic generation of documents (acts, protocols)
  • Visual representation of construction progress
  • Harmonization of project and executive documentation and amendments
  • Formation of daily and weekly assignments

SODIS Lab provides services on the integrated implementation of the electronic construction system Lement Pro.

You can find out more in the 3 minute video below.

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