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  • SODIS LAB has finished implementation of security services for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia stadiums. Thank-you letter from the Minister of Sport
  • SODIS LAB has finished implementation of monitoring system for “Lakhta Center” (Saint Petersburg) — the tallest building in Europe. More information about this can be found in the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Science magazine.
  • SODIS LAB has finished implementation of monitoring system for the stress-strain state of the supporting structures of the “Berezovskaya” state district power station.
  • SODIS LAB has been chosen as BIM integrator by the international hypermarket chain “Hyperglobus”
  • SODIS LAB digital technologies in the construction have been awarded with the first Russian national award “Digital Apex”, which awarded to the companies that developed the best efficiency solutions nationally.
  • SODIS LAB is announced as the best Russian BIM company of 2018 (according to Autodesk experts)


  • SODIS Building M 4th version release
  • SODIS LAB started the SODISSTORE equipment marketing (Digital three-component accelerometer station SDA-1)
  • SODIS LAB became an authorized system integrator of Wonderware
  • SODIS LAB is awarded by Autodesk as the best Russian BIM company in 2017
  • SODIS LAB defended its anti-terrorist projects for FIFA-2018 stadiums in Russian national security and law enforcement agencies and Government expert bodies
  • Skolkovo foundation signed the SODIS Building enhancement Grant program
  • SODIS Building is announced as “The best BIM-software” at the 1st "BIM technologies” International Awards


  • SODIS LAB implemented its BIM technologies into FIFA-2018 projects for security measures
  • SODIS LAB implemented its monitoring solutions in Lakhta Center (Saint Petersburg) — the tallest building in Europe
  • SODIS LAB is the member of the Expert Council (Minstroy affiliated) for BIM technologies implementation in industrial and civil engineering in Russia
  • SODIS LAB is announced one of the best Russian BIM companies in 2016 (Autodesk experts, year-end)
  • The project of SODIS LAB “Software platform for long-term structural monitoring SODIS Building SHM” is accepted as an innovation by the Skolkovo foundation experts 


  • FIFA 2018 projects completed: SHM and security systems for stadiums in Moscow, Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod, Saransk, Samara, Ekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don, Kaliningrad, Sochi
  • SODIS LAB projects are included into the list of pilot BIM projects of Ministry of Construction of Russia
  • Projects for SHM of the unique high-rise buildings in Russia (Saint Petersburg, Grozny) and Belorus completed
  • SODIS LAB — Autodesk Consulting System Integrator (CSI)
  • SODIS LAB — the best BIM company in Russia (announced by Autodesk experts in 2015)


  • Rebranding. The company continues its business as SODIS LAB
  • SODIS LAB is an authorized Autodesk developer
  • SODIS LAB is announced as The best BIM company of Russia 2014 (by Autodesk experts)
  • SODIS LAB project is one of the winners (for infrastructure facilities design) of Autodesk Innovation Awards 2014


  • CTBUH (The Council of Tall buildings and Urban Habitat) member
  • Start of design of systems for FIFA 2018 stadiums in Russia
  • The winner of Autodesk Innovation Awards
  • SODIS Building software presentation is included in TOP-20 of the SLUSH-2013, Khelsinki, Finland


  • Start of an international outlook
  • Participation of the International research project initiated by the Australian Research Council (ARC) and the University of Melbourne
  • Member of The International Society for Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure (ISHMII)


  • International standard for Structural health monitoring GOST 31937–2011 was issued
  • Resident of the Skolkovo Innovation centre


  • ISO 9001 certification
  • Participation in development of Russian national standard for Structural health monitoring
  • Start of development of systems for Sochi 2014 Olympic venues


  • Technologies and products are certified with Eurasian patents
  • Certified Microsoft partner


  • Release of SODIS Building software
  • The company becomes an independent expert for building safety evaluation


  • Technologies and products are certified with Russian patents


  • Foundation of the company
  • Russia’s first PhD thesis regarding the invention of building and construction monitoring systems


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